A vast number of plants and animals reside in the different ecosystems at Boyd Hill Nature Preserve. The Friends of Boyd Hill has assisted with aspects of past research projects and is happy to promote current work being done at the preserve. 

Explore the science happening at BHNP:

Species like the gopher tortoise and softshell turtle have been the focus of a number of studies done at BHNP. You can find some of these publications by visiting the pages for local researchers George Heinrich, J. Sean Doody, and Jeffrey Goessling.

You can also read a study published regarding the effects of climate change for nesting turtles here.

Nutall's Rayless Goldenrod (Bigelowia nuttallii)
The native Nutall's Rayless Goldenrod is a rare, endangered plant species. Boyd Hill Nature Preserve has the only recorded population in the Florida peninsula. Thanks to efforts from Bok Tower Gardens Rare Plant Conservation Program, the population of Nutall's Rayless Goldenrod has grown from less than 50 plants to approximately 600 plants.

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